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KiddoSpace Reusable Water Balloons

Say goodbye to picking up thousands of pieces after a water balloon fight and take fun to the next level with the world’s first reusable balloons. Ideal for kids between the ages of 2 to 12 years old.

1 Pack Includes:

4x Reusable water balloons

6x Additional reusable water balloons (today only)

2x Mesh Bags (today only)

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Lifetime warranty

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For the first 20 customers, for the next ⏰ ⏳ we are offering FOR FREE included in their order:

  • 6x Reusable water balloons
  • 2x Mesh Bags
  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime warranty

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Mess-free fun

No more mess, no more balloon pieces to pick up after a water balloon fight.


Refills in seconds

These water balloons refill in seconds as you put them in water and can be reused again since they don’t tear


Reusable design

You will avoid having to purchase new balloons constantly and reduces waste.

Water Balloon GIF 1-min.gif__PID:c3c9d9cc-ee57-4029-83f2-4ab0257429a1

Say goodbye to cleaning up the mess after every water fight

Whenever kids are at a pool party, beach, or in the backyard… A water balloon fight adds tons of fun and excitement to their meetup.

But picking up thousands of tiny pieces in your garden after every water fight isn’t fun.

These balloons open on impact but don’t burst or rip, which means… No mess, and a never-ending supply of reusable balloons.

Water Balloon GIF 2-min.gif__PID:c9d9ccee-5750-4943-b24a-b0257429a1e3

Takes 3 seconds to refill and are reusable

These reusable water balloons can be filled in seconds… Just put them in a body of water, and they’ll refill themselves in less than 3 seconds.

And refilling is so easy that also kids can do it on their own.

So unlike normal balloons, you won’t have to take a break every 10 minutes to refill them. This lets you keep the game on without losing any momentum and fun.

Moreover, these balloons don’t tear on impact so you can reuse them again and again.


Summer parties just got more fun, exciting and safe!

Traditional and regular water balloons that are made of latex can seriously hurt and injure children and adults.

These balloons are made up of BPA free silicone. And are tried and tested to not give kids any bruises or hurt skin on impact.

It is the perfect toy to take fun to the next level. Your kiddo will be able to play for hours, without having to stop to refill or clean.

Taking Summer Fun And Excitement To A New Level Instantly

download (1).png__PID:6ae21d2d-fb4a-40ba-8496-b8b8e20614ba

Innovative fun

The reusable water balloons give make water fights more innovative, fun, and exciting

download (2).png__PID:e21d2dfb-4a10-4a84-96b8-b8e20614bacd


These balloons don’t tear on impact so they’re reusable again and again

download (3).png__PID:1d2dfb4a-10ba-4496-b8b8-e20614bacdd7

Instant refill

Open the balloons and put it in a tub of water - refills in 3 seconds

download (4).png__PID:2dfb4a10-ba84-46b8-b8e2-0614bacdd710


The material is durable however it doesn’t hurt on impact



These water balloons are made of BPA free silicone to reduce the environmental impact, conserve water and leave no waste behind.

download (6).png__PID:4a10ba84-96b8-48e2-8614-bacdd7108612


Made of high-quality and soft silicone material

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Perfect for all play times

Looking for outdoor fun that can be done anywhere?

These water balloons are perfect for any setting to let your little one indulge in play wherever you are.

Traditional and regular water balloons require you to have a hose or a stream of water.

KiddoSpace’s water balloons can be filled with any body of water. Ideal for the beach, lake, pool, or even the backyard & park.

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Try these Reusable Water balloons today - Risk free!

As a customer-oriented brand, we’ve always put our customer experience first. That’s why, if for any reason at all, you don’t like this product…

You can grab your 30-day money-back guarantee instantly.

Just write back to us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you a complete refund - No questions asked!

What’s included?

  • 1x Pack of reusable water balloons
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

KiddoSpace Reusable Water Balloons are 5 steps ahead of regular balloons

download (9).png__PID:bf43045a-62ed-46e8-84a8-2092f968aac4

KiddoSpace Reusable Water Balloons

download (10).png__PID:43045a62-ed26-4844-a820-92f968aac40a

Traditional Water Balloons



Refill instantly

BPA Free

Safe and injury-free

Take water fights to a new level of fun!

download (7).png__PID:e8d1feb2-39a8-4ec4-8513-37bc3f30f490

Perfect for all play times

Looking for outdoor fun that can be done anywhere? These water balloons are perfect for any setting to let your little one indulge in play wherever you are.

download (6).png__PID:f1e8d1fe-b239-489e-8405-1337bc3f30f4

Priceless memories

Create priceless memories with your friends and family while playing with these reusable water balloons - memories that everyone will remember

download (8).png__PID:d1feb239-a89e-4405-9337-bc3f30f490ba

Perfect for all occasions

Summer pool party, vacations, beaches or backyard fun? These reusable water balloons are a hit for all occasions.

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