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KiddoSpace™ - Geometry Egg Toy

The ideal fun and educational toy you’ll find on the internet!

Fun and educational

Hands-on learning

Develops problem-solving skills

Ideal Easter gift

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Makes children ready for school

Helps children learn shapes with hands-on learning to prepare for school.

Cognitive development

This geometry egg toy encourages critical thinking that helps improve your child’s cognitive development.

Stands the test of time

The egg toys are made with high-quality material to prevent breakage.

Did you know that 88% of the human brain develops by age 3?

It's a critical period for learning, and by providing your child with the right educational toys, you're setting them up for success in the future.

By playing with this Montessori egg toy, your child will develop new brain pathways and improve their cognitive abilities, making future learning at school a breeze. With its vibrant colors and fun shapes, this toy is sure to keep your child engaged and learning for hours.

A toy so fun that it makes education effortless!

The eggs are designed in a way that not only makes education fun, but they also intrigue the children. It keeps them engaged in fun, and as a consequence, they end up mastering their shapes and colors.

This makes sure that your children are ready for school and are one step ahead of their peers and colleagues.

Enhances hand-eye coordination skills

The montessori geometric egg toy requires the child to manipulate different shapes with their hands and align them to fit into corresponding slots, enhancing their hand-eye coordination.

Through this process, your child will develop better control and precision in their hand movements, while also training their eyes to follow and focus on specific objects.

This skill is crucial not only for daily tasks but also for sports and physical activities. Gifting this toy will help your child develop a valuable skill that will benefit them in many aspects of their life.

A toy that fuses fun and education together!

Save money

An inexpensive way to teach your child basic shapes and colors


High-quality material that doesn’t break easily

Hands-on learning

Helps children learn through play and experience

Cognitive development

Encourages critical thinking and brain development

Improve problem-solving skill

Improves problem-solving through matching fitting shapes

Improve dexterity

Helps improve fine motor skills and dexterity through plugging in shapes in the right place

Built to last a lifetime

We know that when it comes to toys… Durability is important. That’s why this toy is made of high-quality material that is sure to stay with you for a lifetime.

No matter what damage your child puts it through, it is designed to withstand the rough play of young children and is durable enough to last for years.

The Ideal Easter Gift

Can’t seem to find the perfect Easter gift or toy for your toddler? Some toys are either too big for them or not suitable for toddlers to play with.

By gifting this toy to your little one for Easter, you'll not only provide them with a fun and educational toy, but also help promote their skills.

The geometry egg toy is equally fun even if played with friends, and your child’s friends can play and learn together. This helps them spend quality playing time together, bonding over fun and learning, while having the time of their lives!

This geometry egg toy is 5 steps ahead of normal toys

Let your child master their shapes and colors with this egg toy!

Improves critical thinking

Through hands-on learning, your child will improve their critical thinking

Fun to play with friends

It’s equally fun to play with friends, and friends can together learn the shapes while bonding over quality playtime.

Lightweight and easy to carry around

Your child can easily carry this toy with them everywhere they go to play at home or outside

Trusted by thousands of parents around the world!

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