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5 Reasons Why this Cloth Labeling Stamp is Every Parent’s Dream Come True

Never Let Your Kid’s Favorite Belongings Go Out of Sight – A Secret Product that Labels Their Clothes Finally Revealed

Everyone’s switching to the quickest and easiest way of labeling their kid’s clothes. Here are the five surprising reasons why every parent is relieved from the stress of losing their child’s clothes at day care and kindergarten.

  • 1

    Perfect for Day Care and Kindergarten

Do you feel irritated when your child's clothes or toys get mixed up, or at times get lost, with those of other children at daycare or kindergarten?

Looking to put a stop to this menace and find a permanent fix? With just one push of this personalized name stamp, you can put your child's name on their every belonging.

There is no better way to identify your children's belonging than their names inked on them. They can always spot their territory even if there is a massive pile of clothes or toys. To state some facts, approx. 70% of parents buy this personalized name stamp whose kids go to daycare.

  • 2

    Stamp on any Surface

If your kid loves to wear dark clothes and has a vast collection of dark-colored toys, this stamp can be a bliss for you both.

The white tape that comes with every KiddoStamp™ you purchase helps you mark your child's name in the darkest colors. In addition, it can stamp anything you can think of: besides clothes, it can stamp school supplies, shoes, stuffed animals, lunchboxes, dishes, and more.

  • 3

    Withstands Up to 50 Washes

Most inks of stamps out there vanish quickly, even before the clothes are taken to the laundry. But that is not the case with the KiddoStamp™, as it is more sturdy and stubborn than your kid when you refuse to buy them their favorite toy or candy.

It can withstand up to 50 washes without fading. The best part? It would never leave a stain on your children's belongings.

  • 4

    Quickest & Easiest Way To Label Your Kid’s Clothes

Do your children fight each other for toys or clothes that get mixed? Do you want to label their belongings to keep the love everlasting?

This personalized name stamp can mark almost anything. From clothes, shoes, and toys to even school supplies, their names can be inked on the product and will last for the times to come.

  • 5

    Best Result for Little Cost

Are you tired of using markers to label your child’s clothes? What if you could avoid all the smudges and lost markets by using KiddoStamp™ to label their clothes?

It can be easily refilled, it’s affordable and you get to label your child’s stuff without the fear of fading. This is the most valuable product you can get for every dollar spent.



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