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If you have received your stamp and are in the process of trying it out, this page will help you understand how to use it. Be sure to read it all the way through to get the best results with your stamp.

Stamp on paper

Before stamping clothes, be sure to stamp about ten times on paper to remove excess ink.

Stamp the clothes

Once you have figured out the intensity with which to press, it's time to stamp the clothes! At this point, wait about an hour for the ink to dry (on some fabrics it may take up to 24 hours).

Stamp black clothes

Cut the white tape to the desired size, stamp it, wait for the ink to dry (you may use a hair dryer to speed up the time) and iron it onto the clothes.


- It is recommended to wait 24 hours for the ink to dry on the garment before washing it.

- It is recommended not to wash garments at more than 30°C in the washing machine to prevent the ink from fading.

- Are you stamping on thin clothing? It is highly recommended that you use white tape to prevent ink from passing through the fabric.

- Does the ink fade? Wait 24 hours before washing the garments and do not wash them at more than 30°C in the washing machine, you will be sure that it will not fade.

- It is strongly recommended not to stamp the following fabrics: Clothing Labels, taffeta, silk, satin, organza, lace, georgette, cashmere, damask, muslin and chiffon. The ink has not been designed and tested for use on these types of fabrics.



How to refill the ink

The time has come to refill the ink! How to do it? Very simple! Grab the top of the stamp and pull it upwards so that the outer part of the stamp will separate from the stamp itself, now remove the two caps and pour the ink in. Once done, put the caps back on, reassemble the top of the cap, and you're done!

How to use the white tape

If you are stamping on thin or black clothing, white tape will be critical to prevent ink from getting through to the other side of the clothing and to maintain excellent stamping quality.

How to use white tape? As a first step, simply stamp the white tape, wait for it to dry (it usually takes a few minutes but sometimes it may take up to an hour; you can also use a hair dryer to speed up the process) and iron it onto the garment. Once you've done that, you won't have to worry about it coming off in the washing machine, as it is precisely designed to withstand washing.


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