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8 reasons why this unique Name Stamp is on every parent’s Back-to-School Wish List

We know how troublesome school routines can be… And losing track of stuff makes it even worse.

Heck, losing your child’s school uniform because they weren’t labeled is just daunting.

That’s why we bring you a solution that’s on every parent’s back-to-school wish list. Here’s how…

1. Works on anything you want

1. Works on anything you want

Gone are the days when you would sew or iron labels and use markers to label your little one’s clothes and items.

Because the KiddoStamp solves that issue once and for all.

Simply place the stamp on the piece you want to label, give it a little push, and done!

From clothes to lunchboxes to water bottles and everything in between… This stamp will put an imprint on all.

And the best part is… It doesn’t matter what fabric or surface you’re printing on… The stamp can adequately label everything with ease.

That means it can cover all your child’s school supplies and uniform with ease.

2. Can print on both black and white clothes

2. Can print on both black and white clothes

You might be wondering if this stamp works on all fabrics and colors.

The short answer is: yes!

And the long answer: This stamp comes with 50cm free white tape that you can use to label thin fabric and black clothes easily.

This ensures that no matter what fabric or surface or color is… You can label everything in an instant.

Whether your child has dark-colored school items or a white uniform… This stamp can work on it all.

3. Saves time 

3. Saves time

If you’re a busy parent… You might be short on time. 

Doing work, looking after your children, and making sure all your child’s school work is done, and doing all the chores can take a toll on your energy.

What’s even worse is that school routines are so hectic they leave no time to you for yourself…

And who got time to sew and iron labels? Not you.

That’s why this stamp only takes a couple of seconds to print the name on anything you want.

Just place the stamp on the surface and push! It’ll instantly imprint the name on the surface.

4. Lasts up to 50+ washes without fading 

4. Lasts up to 50+ washes without fading

You know, when you wear a raincoat, even during heavy downpours, you remain all dry and clean.

That’s exactly the ideology behind Kiddostamp.

Unlike marker ink which can fade after encountering water…

This name stamp can easily resist up to 50+ washes, so you don’t have to worry about stamping items again and again.

Whether you use it on clothes, water bottles, or stationary… This stamp can easily resist up to 50+ washes on all items without fading.

So next time you wash your child’s uniform… Labels won't be faded.

5. 100% all natural non-toxic ink 

5. 100% all natural non-toxic ink

Kiddospace was heavily focused on making a stamp that’s safe and non-toxic for children.

That’s why… Just like a gentle breeze, the ink won’t leave any rash on your child’s skin if it comes in contact.

It’s made with 100% natural ingredients making sure that no harmful chemicals are part of the ink.

6. Easier to keep track of stuff 

6. Easier to keep track of stuff

Does your child easily lose their stuff? Whenever they’re in school or the playground… Do they come with an item or two lost? 

And do you hate when you go to laundry… And end up losing your child’s uniform?

If yes, then this stamp can help them, and you keep track of items. 

It’ll adequately label all the stuff, so you never have a hard time keeping track of stuff.

7. Gives a personalized touch 

7. Gives a personalized touch

The stamp comes in cute designs, but it also gives you a chance to write whatever you want on it. 

It gives a personalized touch to all your child’s items and makes sure it’s clearly mentioned who owns this stuff.

So next time when you’re in the laundry or in the playground… You never have to waste time figuring out your child’s stuff.

8. 30-days money-back guarantee 

8. 30-days money-back guarantee

Kiddospace is confident in whatever they produce, that’s why their products come with a no-strings-attached money-back guarantee.

If you somehow received a faulty stamp, or you’re not happy with the results… Just contact Kiddospace within 30 days of your purchase, and they’ll give you a complete refund - no questions asked!

Kiddostamp - A product every parent trusts!

Rated 4.7/5 stars

Get this stamp to join the club of 200,000+ happy parents who can’t seem to stop raving about how this item made their lives simpler.

  • Perfect for parents
  • Withstands up to 50+ washes
  • Easy to keep track of items
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